4 Reasons To Choose Sarasota For Your Second Home

When you buy a second home, you likely have your unique set of reasons for doing so. No matter what your personal criteria, though, Sarasota is going to fit the bill. Here are four important reasons way many people choose Sarasota, Florida for the location of their second home and why you should consider it at the top of your list as well:

1. Time Away From Winter

Having a second home in Sarasota means you no longer have to bear the unbearable winters felt elsewhere in the country. While New York is buried in a few feet of snow and Vermont is frozen solid below zero, you’ll be putting your feet up in cozy comfort, mesmerised by the Florida sunset. Since Sarasota is a major retirement community, your time here isn’t as likely to be spoiled by crazy crowds and torturous tourists, either.

2. Special Events

A lot is going on in Sarasota that you won’t likely find anywhere else, including in other Floridian communities. For example, the Sarasota Film Festival brings all kinds of celebrities and artists to the area, making it a fabulous occasion to visit your second home.

3. The Golfing!

If you’re big into golf, there’s no place else you’d rather spend a few weeks every year than Sarasota. The greens are lovely, the scenery picturesque and the climate is warm and breezy, making it perfect for a few rounds of your favourite sport.

4. Buying A Second Home Here Is An Investment

You could buy a second home anywhere in the country, but don’t expect it to be the kind of investment you can make in Sarasota. Real estate is a fickle market, but some locations take a lot of the risk and worry out of the equation – like Florida. Expect your new second home to retain its value or even appreciate; thus, if you’re ever inclined to sell (which is doubtful, all things considered), you’re not going to be disappointed by the offers you receive.

Your second home should be a haven, offering you everything you want and more. The neighbourhoods, the climate and the real estate markets should all entice you to the point you simply can’t resist the purchase – and Sarasota fits the bill for those reasons and much more. As you consider where to buy your second home, keep Sarasota in mind, and you’re sure to have it at the top of your list once your search is complete, just like many other wonderful people.



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